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Consulting Services

Spectral Geoscience provide independent consulting services specialising in the mineral characterisation of hyperspectral VNIR-SWIR* and TIR** data collected from field samples, drill core and chips. Hyperspectral data collection, mineral interpretation and reporting services are available. The work may be carried out at a client’s site or alternatively the client may choose to send Spectral Geoscience the infrared data for analysis and interpretation offsite.

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VNIR = visible to near infrared; SWIR = shortwave infrared;

** TIR = thermal infrared



Spectral Geoscience provide international sales, support and training of the CSIRO-developed TSG software.

Spectral Geoscience provides onsite and online training for:
1. Introduction to infrared mineral spectroscopy
2. Workflow methods and operational use of handheld infrared spectrometers for efficient hyperspectral core logging and field mapping.
3. How to use TSG to maximise the mineralogical information from your spectra, integrate with ancillary data and generate mineralogical products (maps and logs).

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TSG is used by companies around the world including:

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